Hi, my name is Bonita Burke.

I am a CIDESCO, BABTAC & SAIBTH qualified Aestetician and Beauty Therapist.

I have over 23 years’ experience in the Clinical & Holistic Health & Beauty industry,

having studied & worked in South Africa, England & Australia.

The time is now to treat your skin....


for ONLY $359!


The ultimate Duo

1) CIT Microneedling Session worth $299  & the genuine-no-imitation  2) HydraFacial MD worth $159


Save a massive $99 and receive a  free SPF 30 Tinted CC cream worth $28  & a post treatment home care kit



As the weather cools, It’s the perfect time of the year to do this fabulous treatment. If your skin feels dull, tired or dehydrated, you may have acne, clogged pores or you suffer with pigmentation, lines & wrinkles - imagine this:


Over the course of 2-3 weeks in 2 sessions your skin will become squeaky clean, bright, plump & hydrated.

Thereafter the treatments build and start a cascade effect which keeps working for months to come,

stimulating your skin to produce more Collagen & Elastin.


Initial Full consultation - Free of charge & no obligation.


Visit 1

Cleanse, microdermabrasion to prep

Zensa numbing cream

A High Strenght Vit. C & Hyaluronic Microneedling session


Post Treatment Home Care

Tinted CC Cream SPF 30


once your skin has had a few weeks to start turning over new cells......


Visit 2

we then do a HydraFacial MD treatment (the genuine one-not a knock off cheapy!)

where we cleanse, exfoliate, a light peel & extract, finishing off with an infusion of Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides & Antioxidants.


*Available in May & June 2019

Both sessions must be had in the stipulated timeframe as prescribed.


If you do not see a suitable day or time on our booking system, please send us a message!


I specialise in HydraFacials MD &

CIT Pen Facials (Collagen Induction Therapy / Micro Needling & Nano Infusions)


Whether you have an important event coming up

or you are looking at improving the appearance of your skin

& wanting to maintain the results in the long term,

I can create a treatment plan for you with these medical grade facials,

without using harsh treatments like lasers, chemical peels & injectables.


I can treat most skin conditions, such as:

Premature Ageing

Fine lines & Wrinkles,

Sun Damage

Deeper Lines

Dull & Lacklusture Skin - Rejuvenation



Black heads & Milia,

Acne stage I & II

Acne scarring


Both treatments work extremely well individually, however they compliment each other very well too,

Hydrafacials as the most amazing monthly maintenance treatments focussing on the outermost layers and skin health,

and the CIT Pen treatments that work on the deeper layers, boosting the collagen & elastin production

with results getting better over & lasting up to 12 months after a course.




A full Skin Consultation & Analysis is undertaken at the office,prior to any treatment commencing, to determine your expectations, and to work out a treatment plan for your specific skin type & concerns.






I am fully insured and work by appointment only.

               Please feel free to contact me on 0407 276 212  or email: eco.flamingo.the@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this today.

*Please note: since I have sold KarmaSpa, 

I do not offer massage, sugaring,

pamper packages, lash & brow treatments or

ANY other services except HydraFacials & CIT as stated above.


I can gladly refer you to the wornderful Ivy of IndulgenzSpa - where KarmaSpa used to be.

 She offers a wide range of massage & beauty services.

Her number is 0451 502 476

Thank you!