Does your skin need some TLC after the summer?

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I have some incredible offers for you over the next few months - valid until August 2022

Autumn Special Facial - Refresh, Renew & Rehydrate $75 

  • Includes your personalised skin analysis, homecare & treatment plan.

  • Cleanse & Peel

  • MicroDermaBrasion

  • Custom Mask & Neck Massage

  • Nourish & Protect



After your initial consultation we will tailor make your routine, targeting:

sun damage  & ageing

dehydration & sensitivity

texture & pigmentation

acne | rosacea | eczema | psoriasis 



Skin Reveal Australia's 'Journey to Utopia...... ' 1hr15 | $115

A restorative treatment for your face, neck, decolletage & the backs of your hands.

To start the journey we begin your treatment with 3 deep breaths inhaling our signature Utopia Essential Oil Blend.

We then cleanse & exfoliate your face, neck & decolletage before choosing a suitable Enzyme & AHA/BHA Peel to help loosen dead skin & debris.

At the same time, we apply our Lightening & Brightening Peel to the backs of your hands, to help rejuvenate these areas too.

Hot towels are used to remove the peels and prepare your skin for the appropriate balancing, rejuvenating & hydrating masks.

Here's where the real magic starts to happen: whilst your masks are on, we gently place a crystal eye mask over your eyes and start your guided meditation,

to help you relax in your Utopia - an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect!

Once we have removed your masks, we spritz with toner & massage into your skin our soothing Vit. E cream & finish your treatment off with our Youth Dew Oil Drops.




NOW ONLY $350 Usually $418

1 x GetGlowing MicroPeel

1 x Ageless HydraPeel Facial (2 weeks later)

$80 worth of Cosmeceutical HomeCare Free

This course of treatments is a fantastic boost for your skin, leaving your skin dewy, refreshed & brightened.

It would take 2 weeks from 1st to last treatment.




NOW $499 Usually $768

1 x GetGlowing MicroPeel

1 x Sparkle Facial (3 weeks later)

1 x ProStamp Electro MicroNeedling (1 week later)

1 x Sparkle Facial (2 weeks later)

$100 worth of Cosmeceutical HomeCare Free

This course of treatments will create a cascade effect, drastically improving the condition of your skin on many levels, leaving your skin refined, plumped & brightened for Christmas.

It would take 6 weeks from 1st to last treatment.

Please feel free to message or contact me for more information or if you would like to arrange on Phone Consultation.

M: 0407 276 212


Peel with a Friend........ $200 off an Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel EACH when you come together!

Usually $1199 each, together is will be $899 each, and will include all your homecare you will need!

Now this is the mother of all peels, and will not disappoint!


Winter is THE best time to tackle a major reset for your skin.

targeting  for up to 12 months:

sun damage  & ageing

dehydration & sentivity

texture & pigmentation

acne | rosacea | eczema | psoraisis 


I am the Australian trainer & distributor of professionals only, of this world renowned Skin Peel.

please see for more info

I also support you every step of the way, but being that it does require some downtime, it really is a great treatment to have with a friend, so you can support each other.  

So grab your diaries and let's get this booked in!

Book your free consultation with me today by sms or call 0407 276 212 

please leave a message if I am engaged 


*t's & c's:

  • any of the above packages can be repeated back to back for a more dramatic long term result

  • purchase package upfront in full

  • an indepth consultation is required to assess suitablity

  • in the case of acne being present, we may prescribe an additional internal herbal suppliment which would be an additional charge.



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