ProStamp & ProLiner  - another incredible Australian Brand!

Electro CIT Technology

I’ve added Pro-Stamp to add to my range of treatments because, like the other treatments, it addresses the root of skin conditions - not just the symptoms.

Pro-Stamp® is the future in skin rejuvenation

This non-invasive procedure is excellent for anti-aging or maintaining a youthful appearance on your face and body. It is also fast, highly effective and affordable.

I am one of only a handful of qualified providers in NSW.


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ProStamp & ProLiner is an advanced needling technique that helps to combat most skin concerns.

This treatment will work on deeper lines and scarring and regulate skin concerns at a deeper level compared to most other needling treatments.

Pro-stamp rejuvenates the skin and produces collagen leaving the skin nourished, oxygenated and restructured from the inside out, all without destroying the epidermis.

Our Pro-liner treatment works precisely within the wrinkle or scar to plump up the skin from the inside out.


ProStamp and ProLiner can be done as separate treatments or combined for even better results.


This treatment is the most advanced skin needling treatment and device available, aimed at reducing and filling deep wrinkles, improving skin texture and pigmentation and helps normalise oil secretion. 


It has also been shown to treat vascular conditions such as rosacea and help increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the skin.   


We use Pro-Stamp® to …

  • Improve scarring like acne scarring and stretch marks

  • Make your skin plumper to smooth out wrinkles and expression lines

  • Improve your skin texture and tightness by making it firmer

  • Improve crows feet around the eyes - smooth and tighten eyelid skin

  • Restoring UV damage

Like all our treatments, it is best used with enzyme therapy to get the best results.

Treatments starting from $99 - treatment mask & homecare products included!


How does it work?

The Pro-Stamp®  needling device pricks the skin multiple times stimulating cells in the skin to release growth factors and cytokines to increase the production of new collagen and elastin naturally.

This influx of collagen and elastin plumps wrinkles and scars and also appears to reboot cellular function.

The result is beautiful, healthy skin from the inside out without causing unnecessary damage to the skin.

This needling also creates micro channels in the skin which enhance penetration of topically applied products for better absorption.


What can you expect?

  • fresher, tighter, more youthful-looking skin

  • improvement in just one treatment (in most cases) with continued improvement over time

  • a virtually pain-free treatment

  • almost no downtime post procedure

  • your skin will start to glow



(Includes Soothing Treatment Mask & Homecare)

  • Full Face & Neck $399 

  • Full Face excluding Neck $299

  • Half Face (upper or lower) $199

  • Neck only $99

  • Neck & Decolletage $299

  • Decolletage only $199

  • Backs of Hands $99


  • $99 Per Area

(forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth)

Full Face & Neck ProLiner followed by ProStamp

(Includes Soothing Treatment Mask & Homecare)

  • $699 (usually $799)

Full Face & Neck & Decolletage ProLiner followed by ProStamp

(Includes Soothing Treatment Mask & Homecare)

  • $899 (usually $999)

Packages Purchased in Advance 

  • 2 of the same - 5% 

  • or 3 of the same - 10%

Consultations are required before booking your first Pro-Stamp or Pro-Liner treatment.

Recieve a free consult for further information & pricing

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